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National Jhuo-Lan Senior High School


       Address: No.161, Laozhuang, Jhuo-Lan Township, Miaoli County 369,TAIWAN

              Tel:04-25892007  Fax:04-25896238

The school was originally branch of Dahu Junior High School in Miao-Li County, which was established in 1952. 
In 1953, it was independent from Dahu Junior High School and was named Juolan Junior High School, a four-year experimental school. 
In 1955, the school had both junior and senior high schools and practiced agricultural programs. 
In 1962, to follow the policy of the government, the senior high school became branch of Miao-Li Senior High School. 
In 1968, the government practiced Nine-year Obligatory Education and the junior high school was renamed " Juo-lan Junior High School, Miao-Li County",
while the Senior High School was still branch of Miao-Li Senior High School, Miao-Li County. 
In 1984, the Vocational School was established. In October, 1990, to gap the differences in many levels between urban and suburban, develop the economy,and increase the chance of education for students in Jup-Lan town, the school practiced Junior, Senior and Vocational schools in one from then on. 
In July 1991, the former president, Wanh Cheng-Hsiung finished the preparatory work and changed the system into Taiwan Provincial Jhuo-Lan Experimental Denior High School, including the Senior High Department, Vocational Data Processing Section, Business Affairs SectionChildren-caring Section and Junior High Department. In 1994, the Continuing Education Junior High School were also done. 
         Tracing back to start setting up this second, the former presidents, His Yung-Ho, His Feng-Ming, Ke Yu-Sheng, Yang Chien-Ching, Fang Ke-Tung, Wang Ling, Chang Hsing-Chih,Chang Chao, Lu Chi-Chung, Wang Cheng-Hsiung, Hung Yung-Chi, Cen Mu-Chu, Huang Guo-Xuan, and  Chen Yong-Chang devotedthemselves to the school establishment; therefore nowadays is can becomes such a large scale. In Auguest 2013, Mrs. Liou Ruei-Yuan took over the school. Under her aggressive leasership to improve teaching and enlarge equipment, National Jhuo-Lan Senior High School has turned to be a new paragon of Multiple Wisdom and Whole-Person Education.